Time Tools and Practice

is a journey through the oeuvre of visual artist Paul Ouwerkerk. After a series of investigations in the photographic domain – from analog to digital – a direction was taken towards geometry and then developed within various analog and digital resources towards painting. Abstracting handmade objects utilising photography and digital applications, with an intermediate phase of complex digital compositions. The artist has a preference now for hand painting on canvas, whereby an elaboration to pixel level is pursued in an obsessive manner. He arrives at a composition as a result of executing a formula or a principle, where eliminations and imperfections are increasingly permitted. Infinitely patient painting, in different layers of geometric models, creates this new unparalleled composition – the surprising reality of Paul Ouwerkerk.

420 pages full colour
Hardcover binding
Edition 100 numbered and signed copies
Author: Joyce Dunki Jacobs
Publisher: Prototype Editions
Year: 2022