Group Exhibition 10.2019: NEW LIGHT at Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

New Light at DDW2019. New Work by Paul Ouwerkerk and others. From october 19th – 27th – 2019, Daily from 11:00 – 18:00. Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Location A2.

Paul shows prototypes of a progressive ‘pattern’ in 4 shades between light and darker grey. This (anti-) pattern forms on an invisible grid based on geometry and repetition, in combination with step-by-step distortion. A tapestry is developing that appears to be woven from webs of deformation and rectangles. The four shades of gray on the one hand suggest a layering in the construction, a semi-transparency and on the other generate the suggestion of a three-dimensional experience.


Installation. Progressive wallpaper, reference object and painting ‘Time Travel Canvas #101.
Reference object and progressive wallpaper.
Painting ‘Time Travel Canvas #101.
Painting ‘Time Travel Canvas #101 and progressive wallpaper.
Transformation Matrix 1002. 2018. 150x100cm. Art print on aluminium.
Progressive wallpaper.
Reference object.