New Light at DDW2019. New Work by Paul Ouwerkerk and others. From october 19th – 27th, Daily from 11:00 – 18:00. Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Location A2. Paul shows prototypes of a progressive ‘pattern’ in 4 shades between light and darker grey. This (anti-) pattern forms on an invisible grid based on geometry and repetition,…


Destiny/Density consist of 4 (1001-1004) digital art prints, each 110x110cm. Edition 3 (+2AP). 2019. Framed 120x120cm.

Time Travel Investigations

In 2019  a series of 6 postcards was printed in an edition of 100 copies. This is not a recreated work or a scaled reproduction of a work. The series ‘TIME TRAVEL INVESTIGATIONS’ is a work by itself. Printed screen-less in Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, it emulates a 7-colour universe in which the 6 different…

beFORe and AFTER Frans

beFORe and AFTER Frans, 73x83cm. 2019.This work is inspired by a painting by Frans van Riel (1943 -..) titled ‘Optisch Dualisme nr.9′, 1972. A series of new 2019 prints on Hanemühle Artpaper have arrived. With an adapted colour setting. Available. Small edition. Numbered and signed.   beFORe and AFTER Frans, 63x73cm. 2019 version.2019 version printed…

Form/Formel in Bern, CH

Until 15.07.2018 – FORM/FORMEL at AFFspace, offspace for Architecture. Münstergasse 4, Bern, CH.  

TOPAZ 101-104

TOPAZ 101-104. 2018. 4x 15x15cm. Print on Aluminium. Edition 1/5 (+3AP).

RELIEF 201-203

RELIEF 201-203. 2017. Print on Paper. 70x70cm.  Edition 1/10 (+3AP).


TABLE 101. Print on Aluminium. 2017. 70x100cm. Edition 1/10 (+3AP).

PLAN 101+102

PLAN 101+102. 2017. Print on Paper. 40x60cm + 70x100cm. Edition 1/10 (+3AP).


Pattern 101. 2017. Print on Paper. 70x100cm. Edition 1/10 (+3AP).

Manual Mode

Sketches on paper. 6B pencil and Crayon. 24x32cm. 2018.

MURAL 101+102

MURAL 101+102. Photo Print on Canvas. 2017. 70x100cm. Edition 1/10 (+3AP).

CANVAS 101+102

CANVAS 101+102. 90x90cm + 120x120cm. Print on Felt. Edition 1/5 (+3AP).


Real 3-dimensional models are built as a basis for the graphic output. Displayed models are made of paper. http://paulouwerkerk.nl/process/

PAST EXHIBITION 13.10–19.11.2017

FORM FOLLOWS FORMULA An Alchemist universe of Solids, Sections, Patterns and Reliefs. Paul Ouwerkerk has been involved in visual culture since his graduation from Jan van Eyck Academy in 1988. His career involves painting, sculpture, photography, time-based media and graphic design. Notably his involvement with visual representation of architectural projects and firms has attracted international…